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Authors: Jade Lee, Lisa Cooke, Erin Kellison, Angie Fox, Caroline Fyffe

Reviews for TEXAS HOLD HIM:

“What can I say about this book. Sum it up to say that by page 40 I was hooked and in love with so many of these characters that I couldn't put the book down. Lottie was easy to love. Cooke wrote her with an amazing sense of humor and wit that laughing out loud was the by product. The interaction and relationships between the characters and the poker tables jumped off the page and you felt like you were right there rooting for your favorites. Easily one of the most entertaining reads in a long time. Enjoy.”
-- Sandra Wurman, Fresh Fiction Reviews

"Cooke pens a winning debut about a savvy riverboat cardsharp and the Southern belle determined to get in his way. It's a luscious, fast-paced adventure with appealing characters and great scenery."
-- Romantic Times-4 stars

"TEXAS HOLD HIM is an enjoyable lighthearted historical frolic due mostly to the antics of Lottie and the reactions to her exploits by Dyer; the interaction between them sort of reminded this reviewer of Solo and Leia (Episode IV). Poker is a metaphor for their relationship as the ante is the heart, bluffs are tried, countered, and called, and a royal flush straight cannot trump their strange romance. Lisa Cooke writes a wonderful Post Civil War game of chance in which the stakes are love and broken hearts."
-- Harriet Klausner, Barnes and Noble- 5 stars!

“(TEXAS HOLD HIM) is a well-crafted balance between amusing banter, suspenseful plot, and sexual and romantic tension. Minor characters, friendly and not, add interest to the whole. With this debut as a sample of her talent, Lisa Cooke is on the way to success, so take a cruise up the Mighty Mississippi with Lottie, Dyer, and the rest. You'll have a fine time.”
-- Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

“This is a very talented, imaginative and enchanting author knows how to grip a readers hearts and have her wanting more… Man oh man, there is just so much to say about this book… this is definitely one of those books that should be made into a movie. Awesome and Lisa Cooke rocked, rocked this book.”
-- Melanie, Reviewer 5 hearts top pick, Night Owl Romances

“I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the book!…The jokes were hilarious and daring and very fun.  Dyer is a super heroic, wonderful, broken wing hero.  I adored him, and I adored her with him.  The dialogue was superb….It was a pleasure to read it, really and truly.”
--NYT bestselling author, Lori Foster


"There's a sweet homespun charm that makes Cooke's latest an enchanting tale. With humor that captures the setting and tenderness that depicts the warmth of the characters, Cooke will steal your heart."
Kathe Robin-RT 4 stars!

"This is an entertaining Americana romance starring a wonderful cast of eccentric characters. The lead couple is a nice pairing, but it is her family who steal the show as Katie and the audience knows from the onset when the brood sets its mind on something it gets done. With humor, Lisa Cooke bakes a fun lighthearted historical romp as the doctor makes a house call to help the midwife with her crisis."
Harriet Klausner –Barnes and Nobel 5 stars

" A Midwife Crisis is not your traditional historical romance and has an unusual setting and storyline. But it is entertaining, humorous and delivers on the romance. It is a story I can heartily say you will enjoy."
--Shirley Lyons
The Romance Reader—4 stars!

“Ms. Cooke demonstrates in her fun and compassionate story set in the West Virginia mountains that the exclusion of American romances is a travesty. Can't wait to see more from Ms. Cooke.”
--Donna MacMeans, author of The Education of Mrs. Brimley, and The Seduction of a Duke”


Thanks for dropping by!  I’m an author of historical romance novels. My first book, TEXAS HOLD HIM, released in April of 2009.

I love historical romances, and my favorites are definitely the ones that add humor to the mix. When I write a book, I always think about what types of personalities will give the best potential for a passionate romance and a giggle or two (or three or four).

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