What readers and reviewers are saying about Cooke’s books!

 Historical Romances:

“…found myself laughing out loud on the bus!”

“I stayed up until 4am so that I could finish this book.”

“…I laughed so much I couldn't put it down!”

“I loved the mixture of romance, history and suspense.”

“…full of quirky but likeable characters written with warmth and wit.”

 Romantic Suspense:

“I happen to be going through a rough time right now with the recent death of my husband and I felt like I was meant to be reading this book and gaining comfort from it.”  

“Warning! Don't start reading this story if you have to get up in the morning.”

“Page turning and you can't wait for the ending.”

Time Travels:

“At one point, my husband said, ‘that must be one giggly book’.”

“…I must say that this book has been one of my favorites.”

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